The Purple Hippie Story

We thought out of the (cereal) box to put a whole load of goodness into this granola box.

It started out of my tiny, little oven, just for my little one, the rest of my family and of course the fitness nut, me. We loved it and it worked so well for us….it was delicious, healthy, convenient, and just right. We shared it with our friends and neighbours and that was the beginning of Purple Hippie…one product then, to many, many more now, all sticking to the same thought….no added refined sugar, no added preservatives, no colours, just good old food.

This, right here, is one of our many granolas, oats slow baked, in small batches with everything else that is good for the palate and the body. So go on, try it…eat it straight out of the box, pour some milk on it, eat it with yogurt and fruit, use it in desserts and smoothies, go crazy!

What we have for you!

Healthy Breakfast

Bring health and nutrition to your breakfast table with scrumptious granola mixes that are crunchy and powered with real fruits, nuts and superfoods.

Energy Bars

Protein loaded energy bars for sportspersons, health enthusiasts and gym-goers. Power up on energy the natural way, without compromising on taste!

Healthy Snacks

Hunger pangs can now be addressed without guilt. We have an entire range of wholesome, healthy snacks made from all-natural ingredients.


Indulge in the flavorful goodness on chocolate, without second thoughts. We only use super-healthy, rich dark chocolate to satiate your sweet tooth.

Peanut Butters

Delectable spreads made from roasted peanuts and combined with the most exciting flavors to bring you a jar of happiness you can devour, guilt-free

Traditional Twists

Celebrate each win with scrumptious modern desserts with a traditional twists. Our ladoos are a melange of tradition, health and natural goodness, rolled into one.

The Founder

Shruthi is a seasoned fitness expert, baker and visionary who started her journey with Purple Hippie from the four walls of her kitchen. Her passion for fitness, love for baking and vision to make health delectable led her to growing her business, which now is a holy grail for fitness enthusiasts. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a trained teacher in yoga, aerobics and Les Mills Body Balance, and extensive experience in culinary science, Shruthi successfully combined her passion for fitness and baking skills to build Purple Hippie, a one-stop-destination for healthy edibles

Shruthi Arun