Coffee & hazelnut bark

Prepare to be amazed with a flavorful melange of aromatic coffee & crunchy hazelnut. Each scrumptious bite of the Coffee & hazelnut bark chocolate is bound to leave a taste of euphoria on your mind.


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Treat your tastebuds to a toothsome, yet healthy snack made from coffee, hazelnut and rich dark chocolate. The Coffee and hazelnut bark chocolate is put together from thoughtfully sourced ingredients and love. The aromatic goodness of coffee, the crunchy taste of hazelnuts and the added goodness of rich, silky dark chocolate makes this Coffee Hazelnut Bark chocolate the delectable treat that you deserve After every win!


Dark Chocolate, Roasted Hazelnuts, Coffee

Aromatic Coffee:

Coffee is an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamins B2,B3 & B5, Manganese & Potassium. In addition to the nutrients, coffee also packs a flavorful punch, stimulates the nervous system, instantly elevates energy levels and drastically improves physical performance.


Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients, antioxidants and have immense health benefits. Hazelnuts are rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E, proteins and healthy fats. Healthy fats are essential to the body and can only be obtained from external sources. Hazelnut is also known to lower cholesterol levels, aid in weight management, reduce blood sugar levels and support heart health.

Dark Chocolate:

The go-to ingredient for an emotional lift, dark chocolate also holds numerous other health benefits. In addition to being delectable, dark chocolate is also an excellent source of antioxidants. From promoting cardiovascular health to being a silent contributor to weight management, dark chocolate is the best healthy snacking option for the health conscious folks.


  • Tasty and nutritious, all natural chocolate bark made with love
  • Real coffee, real hazelnut, real taste
  • Powered with antioxidants
  • Zero added sugar
  • No added preservatives, just natural goodness


  • In between meals¬†
  • As a guilt-free snack
  • As a treat when you achieve a milestone
  • Whenever, wherever!

150gm, 300gm


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